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There's practically an innumerable amount of game categories in the market but out of all of them, there's little to no dispute regarding the fact that racing games can easily be considered one of the categories with the most impact worldwide. It's a game for all and it renders an exhilarating experience that will never fail to awe anyone when they experience it. Who wouldn't love the adrenaline-rush of a high-speed action as you compete with other players to get to the finish line first, right? From the advent of this type of video game until today, there's already a towering list of options for you to consider and if you want to know what's deserving for you to spend your time playing, we have what you need in this page along with a whole lot more.

Nascar Video Games

Whether you've always been a racing fan or have just joined the wagon recently, there's still no doubt that you may have heard of Nascar already. It's one of the biggest racing event throughout the globe, more specifically, the most ginormous stock car racing event. It's definitely the first thing that would pop into your mind when racing is the centre of the discussion and have said that, it's only to be expected that it would be developed into a game.

There are plenty of Nascar games from decades ago up until today. Some of the most famous titles under this category of racing games include Eutechnyx Nascar '14 and '15, Monster Games' NASCAR Heat Evolution and Heat 2, and Electronic Arts' Nascar Racing, Nascar Kart Racing and Nascar 07. Of course, there are plenty more titles borrowing this outstanding event to showcase a revolutionary racing experience and they are definitely games you ought to try and experience yourself.

Moto Racing Games

The name says it all - this type of racing game refers to those which has motorbikes at its core. This is perfect for those who love motorbikes more than anything else. Whether it be the style, the revving engine, the sharp turns and many more aspects in moto racing you could think about, it is plain to see that there are heaps of reasons why many fall in love with this area of racing games. Of course, if you consider yourself a fan, you'd also love titles under this category.

More famous options include the Moto Racer series, The Ride series and more. Although the former has more sequels, the latter is one of the most innovative options today and one that is making waves in the gaming industry. It's a moto racing game focusing on rendering players with a wide variety of experience, allowing them to choose over a couple of hundred bikes along with several courses you could choose from. You'll surely feel the adrenaline rush at its finest in this type of game. Not to mention, you'll also have a highly customizable experience, so you could ride your bike the way you want to.

Horse Racing Games

When you think about horse racing games, there's no doubt that the first thing that will pop into your mind is the horse betting category but in fact, this refers to actually racing with horses, something that may not be as common as racing with cars or motorcycles. Still, although its selection may not be as advanced as the selection of games in the aforementioned games above, it still has its own market that has gained quite the attention of those who love the experience of galloping horses and competing with other jockeys. If you do so to, there are plenty of derby racing games in the market you could try which includes the Gallop Racer, G1 Jockey 2007, the Winning Post 7 Maximum, Starters Orders 5 and 6 and beyond. Although any of this may still not be able to top the auto and moto racing games of today, you'll still surely have an exhilarating experience just by trying them out.

Play Racing Games

It is easy to see that the diversity of the Racing games category is so immense that there could be considered sub-categories under it. Of course, the aforementioned games aren't the only ones in the market as there are also other famous series out there you could check out, from the Need For Speed Series, MotoGP 15, MXGP2, Project Cars and many more, which will surely keep you occupied in excitement for times to come.