Enjoy Old School Games Online

The game industry may continue to evolve, bring games that would top the Virtual reality games of today and render an even more immersive experience to users but one thing that would remain the same is how it all started from the Retro games. More awe-inspiring graphics and plotlines may meet its advent in the market, but the straightforward, sheer fun and simple graphics of retro games would always be something that would remain popular in the hearts of true gamers. If you're one of them or if you want to see the beauty of classic video games like never before, then you ought to start with some of the best. We can ignite your love for this type of games and it would surely be more evident in your eyes, why such games have remained extremely renowned despite the shifts and changes in the industry.

Donkey Kong

A giant gorilla hurls barrels towards the lower platforms, preventing the supposed saviour from successfully getting to the princess and this saviour comes in an extremely familiar plumber look - this is definitely an all-too-familiar scenario already for those who have played it before and yes, it's Donkey Kong. One of the most revolutionary games in the industry and has ignited the career of Mario, this game would remain a trailblazer of varieties of games. It is something that you can find on arcades, on portable machines, personal computers and many more consoles that you could think of. It comes with simple rules and simple gameplay but, the more you play it, the more your skills would become more evident and the more exhilarating your experience would become.

Super Mario Bros.

If the Donkey Kong is the game which introduced Mario to the public, Mario Bros and the Super Mario Bros. is definitely the title that brought him to the spotlight. These two games, though with little variation, render a 2D platform game that made a difference in the whole gaming industry. Playing it is simple as you just have to traverse different worlds or stages of the game in the pursuit of saving the princess from the evil hands of Bowser. Along with your journey, you could walk and jump into left and right direction, defeat enemies by jumping over them and receive two different power-ups to kick the behind of your opponents. It's simply addictive and yet another game which would showcase your skills. From this classic retro game and one of the best old school game in the market, more variations of Mario Bros. games have entered the market in different forms, genres and categories, from kart racing to 3D games and beyond.


Designed by Toru Iwatani and brought to life by Namco, you simply couldn't get any more classic than one of the best old school games in the market, Pac-man. Even after through the changes in time, technology and the whole gaming industry, the game remains to be one of the most popular in the market even today, for all good reasons. More than just a game, it is considered an iconic character of the olden days and definitely belongs to the category of highest-grossing games of all time. Just like any other retro games or classic games, Pac-man started as an arcade game, entered the computer world and even today, there are still some gaming establishments featuring its arcade version. What made the game even more popular is when new, more difficult maps were created along with the appearance of Pac-man in other spin-off games as well, further spreading his name throughout the entire globe.

Street Fighter

An arcade, fighter category game - Street Fighter can be considered one of the best old school games in its league. It left many competing with others in exhilarating bouts which started the rise of iconic fighter games as well, like Soul Calibur, Tekken, Marvel and even more. The game, just like any other games in this article, is one of the trailblazers in the fighter genre and though its graphics, gameplay and the attack combinations may pale in comparison with what we have today, its value is definitely no less than the best games of our present age. Whether it be in the arcades, gaming consoles and more, the game is one of the most revolutionary and thrilling game ever to hit the market.