Take aim with Online Shooting Games

As immersive and fun it may be for you to indulge on single player games with in-depth and comprehensive plot lines without worrying about other players disturbing your awesome time, there could be points in your gaming career that you may find yourself wanting to play with others on multiplayer games that span across the online platform. There are plenty of games that could fit right into the description when it comes to this but if you're specifically looking for some gun-packed action in either a team or individual battle royal format, then the category you're looking for are online shooting games. Whether it be free online shooter or paid ones, to games that would allow you to revel on a shooting experience with all the hunting, duck and war actions, there's definitely heaps of options that you could choose from. We're here to give you some heads-up regarding the best online shooting games today that will certainly blow you off of your feet. Bear in mind though, that the games below are not delivered in any ranking order.

Player Unknown's Battleground

There's little to no doubt that one of the most resounding games in the market is PUBG or the Player Unknown's Battleground. It started the revolutionary Battle Royale gaming genre in the shooter games category and the result, a massive shift in the market that brought forth more Battle Royale games to the shelves. The characteristics of the game are pretty simple despite its highly innovative and powerful gameplay, graphics and more.

The concept of the Battle Royale starts with 100 players Parachuting in a gargantuan map where they all have to battle each other with the goal of coming up with one winner. Of course, finding all players in a huge map is next to impossible but, with the shrinking feature of the map as time passes by, the game is set to end eventually. Of course, what makes the game a cut above others is its wide array of cosmetics, guns, and full suite of equipment that you could get on each and every corner of the buildings in the island, making the game fully-packed with intense action at all times.


When it comes to Battle Royale Online Shooting games, Fortnite is definitely one of the best and could only be second to PUBG. Of course, Fortnite fans would surely think otherwise and this is all for good reasons. Aside from being a paid game in its early access version, Fortnite is set to become an online shooter game for Battle Royale Fanatics compared to PUBG which remains to be a paid game. This means that more people would gain access of this game, making way for an unbelievable environment that would give you all the action you need.

The mechanics of the environment is similar to PUBG as there's the shrinking map, the 100 players battling for their lives and so on. What makes it different though, is the 'Fort' part of the game, as players could build forts amid the gaming experience, allowing them to establish hurdles that would help them defend from the attacks of other players. This makes the game more exciting, creating more ways on how you could experience competing with other players throughout the globe.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

One of the most iconic game in the shooting games category is without a doubt, the Counter Strike brand. From Half-life to the multiplayer games that hit the market and revolutionized multiplayer first-person shooting games, Counter Strike remained as one of the most popular titles in the whole gaming industry. The reception on the CS: GO game of this brand received underwhelming feedback from the market at first, but soon, its popularity caught up and it became one of the most popular online shooting game in the world. It comes packed with all the sweet features you could think of, from skins, weapons and more, but what made players come back to it, even more, is the fact that it brings a comforting, nostalgic experience to those who have played Counter Strike before, especially the Half Life game.

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The online shooter games above may come in first person or third person shooter games but aside from them, shooter games could also come in 2D version. Whatever you prefer, one thing that would remain a fact is that shooter games would undeniably remain as one of the best gaming categories in the industry.