Best Free Internet Games for 2018

Flash games, or browser-based games, are considered the epitome when it comes to wasting time, but no one can deny their appeal when there are 5 minutes to spare along with a thirst for something more unique than a simple cursory glance at Facebook or Twitter. Flash games have evolved since their modest, vector-based inceptions, finding a home at several gaming websites, while becoming fully-featured and increasingly more complex. The earliest versions of internet games were recreations of classic titles such as Frogger and Pac-Man, while high-speed internet allowed the market to grow to new heights and now feature titles such as Max Dirt Bike, The Impossible Quiz, and Bowman.

It will take years before Flash games can provide the sheer scope, cutting-edge graphics, and in-depth storylines of today's blockbuster titles featured on consoles, but there's no reason internet-based alternatives can't keep you entertained during the mundane hours of everyday life. If you are looking for cheap thrills, you've come to the right place for free internet games of 2018. We at Game Bulge provide all types of free internet games to play, ranging from adventure flash games to action car games. We also take a step back in time to look at the history of flash games and explore different arcade games on the internet in your spare time.

History of Browser Games

The first internet games were launched in the late 1990's and were based on dynamical hypertext markup language (DHTML), commonly used for simplistic image rollovers and drop down menus. DHTML was used to develop simple animation through two-dimensional bitmapping, known as a sprite, for both skill and action games

Internet games were eventually enhanced thanks to the advancement of Ajax programming techniques. This is basically a group of interrelated development techniques used in creating asynchronous web applications. Through this, web applications could retrieve and send data from servers in the background without interfering with the behaviour or display of an open website. Browser games managed to take another leap forward with the development of web plug-ins, such as Shockwave, Java, Unity, and Flash. This also allowed more games to be developed with server-side scripting tools and scripting languages, including PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, and Java. These scripts created new possibilities and helped to greatly increase functionalities and visual attractiveness of browser games. That's how the foundation of the betting online platform was built on top of the flash platform. Now betting is made easy with the help of HTML, and many sites reap the benefits of the technological advancements. On the linked above, you can find an excellent NHL site that you can use for serious betting and even more serious rewards.

The oldest browser game ever to be recorded was Earth 2025, released in 1996. The game created the next generation of applications which allowed users to play games directly through a web browser. The game was based on a country at war, and players needed to run its military, economy, and diplomacy. Earth 2025 was not a major hit amongst players when it was initially released and only became popular once it reached cult status. Games like Runescape or Hattrick are still popular today with a loyal fanbase across the globe.

Flash Game Genres

There is an incredible selection of free internet games available on the World Wide Web and each of them is categorized into different genres and subgenres. The most difficult part is deciding which game genre deserves your attention. To make life a little easier and more convenient, we look at the most popular game genres out there, so you can easily locate the games you want to play. Much like other forms of gaming, the multitude of Flash game genres usually overlaps as they are rarely described accurately. Therefore, you will quickly notice that not all internet games can exclusively be placed in a single genre.

One of the most popular genres is action games. This is an extremely broad category and will require quick timing and lightning-fast reflexes to successfully overcome obstacles and enemies. The action game genre is also divided into several subgenres, including fighting games, puzzle games, and shooter games. Popular action games include Rogue Soul 2, Mighty Knight, Strike Force Heroes, and Stick Fighter. Adventure flash games is another genre that deserves your attention. These games are more focused on puzzle solving and exploration as oppose to quick reflexes. The adventure genre can also be split into multiple subgenres, including Point n' Click or role-playing games. The most popular of which include Monkey Island, Elephant Quest, and Sonny 2.

If you like sports, you will fall in love with sports games. These can range from fantastical revisionings to strict simulations. The sports game genre covers a wide range of popular sports such as basketball, boxing, golf, soccer, and a whole lot of racing flash games. Then there are incredible strategy games that shouldn't go unnoticed. These games are based on management and skilful planning to win. Strategy games also feature subgenres, including card games, tower defense games, turn-based games, and board games. The most popular strategy games include Checkers and Chess.