Action Arcade Games and Genres

For many years, players all over the world have been enjoying arcade style games and now, these same types of games can be played at home. Players can enjoy arcade games on video game consoles and they can even find many online sites that offer these types of games. With arcade games, players will enjoy action-packed titles and will also find games of multiple genres. There are puzzle games, shooter games, role-playing games and racing games, all of which incorporate original arcade machine game elements. Over the years, these games have been enhanced and now offer realistic graphics and gameplay that make for an addicting experience for many.

Original Action Arcade Games

Action arcade games have always been popular choices and many players enjoy retro-style arcade games today. These original titles paved the way to the video games and computer games that are being played today and there is a multitude of online sites that offer free access to original arcade games in flash format, eliminating the need for any software download. The best action arcade games remain top titles in the world of gaming and anyone that has ever played an arcade game will be familiar with some of the games that were released over the years.

Three of the most popular action arcade games to ever be played are Pac-Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong. These three games are classics in the world of gaming and the original titles are now enjoyed on various consoles and devices. Over the years, enhanced versions of these arcade games were developed, such as Ms Pac-Man and Pac-Man World, Donkey Kong Country and Diddy Kong Racing. The newer games kept the original characters and game theme, but they offered more features, better graphics and more intense gameplay.

Top Racing Arcade Games

Any player that has enjoyed arcade racing games in the past will be very familiar with Pole Position. This game is more than 25 years old and is still remembered by many today. This title was the grandfather of all racing games and while it was pretty simple and basic, it offered some great fun and action. Pole Position remained one of the top racing arcade games for many years until Sega became a rival with the introduction of Outrun. The rules if this game were also simple. Players would drive a red Ferrari and would try to beat the game time to reach the finish line. The thing that made Outrun such a hit was the structure of the game. Instead of racing around a closed circuit, Outrun was a simple race to the finish line that could take different paths. Arcade racers were thrilled with the ability to select a difficulty level, which enhanced the game.

Original racing arcade games may have been simple in terms of game objectives, but they provided the need for speed that many players desired. Another top racing title was Road Riot 4WD. This game was introduced in 1991 and racers were able to ride in off-road buggies with guns that were used to shoot at rivals. This unique and extremely fun game laid the framework for many new and enhanced racing games that would come out in the next few years.

Shooter and Puzzle Arcade Games

When it comes to original arcade action games, players love the offering of shooter games. This is one of the more popular genres of video games and with the right ammo and a few lives, players would make it to the end of a game. One of the first original arcade machines that offered a shooter theme was Space Invaders, a game released back in 1978. This was a 2D game where players would shoot at aliens crossing the screen to achieve high scores. As games progressed and technology advanced, shooter games became very realistic and now, players can take on the role of military personnel, Mafia lords and more as they enter 3D worlds with amazing weapon selections.

Puzzle arcade games were just as popular and players enjoyed the strategy involved with these games. There have been a number of original puzzle arcade titles, such as Tron, Tetris Flash, Puzzle Bobble and Burger Time, all great titles that helped to shape the world of video games as many know it to be today.